Welcome from the Master

Professor Mauro Buccheri, MasterIt is my pleasure to welcome you to Founders College.

As the first college on the Keele Campus, we are proud of the contributions we have made to York University since 1965. We have a wealth of social, cultural and academic events to offer you that will contribute to your academic success and greatly enrich your university experience. On such a large campus, the college provides a community that can be your home away from home.

“Self, Culture and Society” is the mandate of the college in an environment of cultural diversity and ethics of recognition. Founders is a community concerned with the full development of each of its members, which fosters not only the well-being of the college, but also the social and cultural advancement of the wider society.

The community is made of Fellows, students, alumni and staff, all of whom contribute to the mandate of the college.

The Fellows of Founders College include distinguished teachers and scholars, many of whom have won prestigious university, provincial and national awards for teaching and research. All are associated with the college because of their commitment to a broad community of learning and to an academic atmosphere that is lively and open.

The Student Council is the representative body of student government and is central to the quality of life of the Founders community. It is open to all, and its officers serve a wide variety of student interests.

I invite you to join actively in the Founders community and to engage in those areas that interest you. As you face the challenges and opportunities of this special time in your life, the college is here to support you.

Welcome to Founders College.

Professor Mauro Buccheri
Master, Founders College

Office: 216A Founders College
Telephone: 416-736-2100 Ext. 20610
E-mail: buccheri@yorku.ca