Message from the Academic Life Coordinator

Monique Adriaen

Dear Founders College Community,

As your Founders College Life Coordinator it is my distinct pleasure to extend to you all – but especially our first-year students – a very warm welcome.

Together with the team at Founders I will endeavor to make this year a memorable one for you.

From orientation in September to final exams next spring we will offer you a varied programme of academic workshops to support you in your studies, of cultural events to broaden your knowledge, and of social activities to celebrate with new and old friends.

Our mission at Founders College is to provide to the student community a vibrant environment in which to thrive academically and in which to participate in college and university affairs to become a fully engaged university student. You are invited to take full advantage of the peer mentoring program, the academic workshops, the leadership development opportunities, the invited guest lectures and seminars, the sports activities and the social occasions. These will provide you ample opportunities to meet and get to know your fellow students and your professors and make long-lasting friendships.

Your years at university are transformative years, and as such they will bring challenges and possibilities. The Founders community is there to support you, to guide you, to help you succeed. Four years will go by very quickly. Let’s all make 2016-17 an unforgettable one!

Professor Monique Adriaen
Founders College Academic Life Coordinator

Office: 219 Founders College
Telephone: (416) 736-2100, Ext. 20724