Student Club Offices at Founders


The office location of some of our student clubs can be found right here at Founders.  For the 2016/2017 Academic Year, the student clubs housed at Founders are:

Lusophone Association

YULA focuses on Unity, Community and Education.  We do our best to connect with the Portuguese-speaking students at York U and with the Portuguese-speaking community in Toronto and the GTA.  We also promote post-secondary education by presenting statistics at high schools and speaking with the lusophone students about problems they face to gain a better understanding of why the drop out rates are high and how we can overcome them. We also fundraise money for First-Year-Entrance-Scholarships for students of Lusophone descent.

Office:  121E Founders College | Email:


Social Work Students Association

The purpose of the Social Work Students Association is to;

  1. Serve as a bridge of communication between Social Work students and the York Administration
  2. Build community and camaraderie within the Social Work student body
  3. Organize, promote, and plan events
  4. Provide support, mentorship, and guidance to Social Work students
  5. Advocate on behalf of the Student Body
  6. Promote the School of Social Work and SWSA to the broader York community
  7. Put theory into practice

Office:  121J Founders College | Email:    


Students for Women and Children

 YSWC is a student run organization attempting to combat the injustices that women and children endure in the GTA. In concordance with existing organizations, we are providing a platform for York University students to get involved and spark interest within the general public through endorsement and advocacy campaigns. YSWC’s mission is to fill the existing void preventing the community from engaging in activities aimed toward assisting the wellbeing of women and children in the GTA; making students, alumni, and visitors of York university aware of the problems facing women and children, and how York Students are attempting to aid in the solution of these issues. YSWC desires to create an atmosphere that is inclusive and positive, that allows the community and York Students of YSWC to feel as if they are a part of something bigger then themselves.

Office:  121D Founders College | Contact:    

If you are a member of a student organization and want your club to become affiliated with Founders, simply complete our Application for Student Club Affiliation with Founders College below and drop off the completed application at the Master's Office (216 Founders).

All applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be recognized as a Founders College affiliated student club.