Student Council

A Few Words from Marlon Gullusci, President of Founders College Student Council!

Welcome to Founders College,

To our continuing students, welcome back! To all of our newest community members, welcome to Founders College, our home away from home! A big congratulations to our graduating students this year, it has been a pleasure to know and study alongside many of you. I wish all the best for each of you as you move on to a new chapter in your lives.

I am excited to spend time speaking, working and advocating for the thousands of students affiliated with Founders College, while maintaining relationships with many different clubs, groups, and our college alumni network.

A place, is defined in Geography as a space that has different meanings associated with it. Founders College is one place that has many meanings associated with it. Founders College is a place of studying and learning, a place of connections and friendships, a place of athletic participation and active living, and lastly, a place of solace and support. At Founders College, we have a vibrant and diverse community of amazing students, staff, and faculty coming together to form a unique group of people, who celebrate the differences of one another. Founders College’s motto remains to be; Self, Culture, and Society. This motto accurately describes the wide range of diversity amongst the majors affiliated with Founders College.

Established in 1965, Founders College is the oldest college on campus. Founders also has an interesting 52 year history, with much more for us to create. We as a college have countless distinguished alumni and you will be one of them!

Cheers to a great year ahead,

Marlon Gullusci
President, Founders College Student Council
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Facebook:  Founders Council Facebook | Twitter: @FoundersCollege | Instagram: @foundersunited65 | Snapchat: Phoen6ixFC

A Message from your Vice-President Operations

Hello Founders! My name is Anthony Macchia and I am this year’s Vice-President of Operations for your Founders College student council for the 2017-2018 school year. I am in my fourth year here at Founders College and throughout my time at York University, Founders College has been the highlight of my time here. Many of the great friends that I have made and the amazing experiences that I have had during my university years, have been at Founders College. Founders College is a positive and vibrant place were both education and great experiences are made and valued. Founders College, through academics, athletics, social activities and many more events offers many opportunities to its constituents and as well as the rest of the York University community. Our community is known for building long lasting memorable moments and wonderful times as you make your journey through university. I hope this year is full of new and memorable moments that last a life time.

Anthony Macchia

Your 2017/2018 Founders College Student Council Team!