Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an important aspect of college life at Founders. At the moment we are involved in a re-working of the peer mentoring program and are extremely excited about the new possibilities that this will provide for both upper year and first year students.


The program offers an in-depth form of interaction that seeks to accomplish a series of important goals.

First, it seeks to acclimatize students to a complicated and often confusing university environment. Peer mentoring offers young students a voice of experience that they can draw upon.

Second, peer mentors can offer first year students an insight into the habits and skills of successful students. They will get inspiration and insight into: how to write an essay, how to prepare effective notes, how to study for tests, and how to successfully navigate one's degree.
Third, students will be offered an intimate connection to which they can turn. Often first year students are overwhelmed by the expanse of York University and need to be reminded that there are other students willing to speak to them in a direct and open manner.

Peer mentors offer young students an invaluable access to their experience and wisdom. As a result, they can help turn York from an alienating and distant educational environment into an engaging setting that students feel at home in.

Fourth, peer mentoring offers upper year students with a unique university experience. They gain the experience of being able to offer one-on-one counseling. This will no doubt help to increase and finely hone their interpersonal skills.

Peer mentors will be provided with a certificate of completion at the end of the year and this will give them a useful work-related and demonstrable skill that will be of interest to future employers as well as post-graduate programs. Lastly, peer mentoring will offer both the mentor and the mentee an opportunity to participate in the exciting social, cultural, and intellectual life of Founders College. By doing so, we feel that students will have their university experience greatly enriched and deepened. Founders College is the home to many events, conferences and social gatherings that will expand the mind and strengthen the soul of all participants.


Peer mentoring will be organized in a simple and effective manner. Upper year students who have expressed an interest in the program will be assigned to a maximum of three students. These students will be affiliated with programs that match up to the skills of the mentor. Next peer mentors will be given a space in the college to meet with their assigned students.

The staff of the college will be actively involved in coordinating these sessions and will help in any way possible to facilitate effective spaces and times in which these meetings may occur. Certain times of the year will be busier than other times but the staff and the College Academic Life Coordinator will try to balance the time schedule of both students with the facilities available to the college.

We will also be holding some events to allow mentors and mentees to interact in a social environment. Hopefully, by doing so, we will be able to create a collegial and open environment that is pedagogically dynamic.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor please complete the application form.

We want to make Founders College a place that enhances your university experience and we would appreciate any help.

Peer Mentors Office Hours

From September to April, our Peer Mentors will also be available to assist you during their office hours.  No appointment necessary!

Office hours will be held in Central P.A.R.C. (102 Founders College).

For the first time, Peer Mentors will hold office hours during the summer!  Check back soon for Central P.A.R.C.'s summer hours of operation.


Our Peer Mentors

Here is what some of our Peer Mentors have to say about participating in the program:

Sexuality Studies

“… My main goal has always been to help others, especially others who may not feel comfortable seeking help and this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so and meet new people in the should be surrounded by people that can be by their side on their journey, and as a peer mentor I would love to be able to help others achieve their best selves. “


“I have always had a strong passion for supporting and motivating others to the best of my abilities. In my second year as Peer Mentor and established role model, I hope to further develop the Founders College Mentoring Program in facilitating a supportive and hopeful environment for students to feel comfortable and grow from.”

History & English

“Often incoming students are not sure about resources available to them, or they are too shy to ask for help… I want to help incoming students in any way I can to make their university experience as great as it can be!”

French Studies & Education

“I hope to inspire future lifelong learners and be there for those who need help… In this university, there are thousands of students here, but sometimes it can be easy to feel alone and unsure. I want to help inspire these students to take control and embrace the time they have here at York, even when things get challenging.”


“Mentorship is an important way for students to learn and gain assistance in a new and unexplored environment. The jump from high school to university is overwhelming for many students. As a mentor, I want to be able to help incoming students succeed. I want to show them that university does not have to be a struggle, but a joyous and rewarding experience.”

Past Peer Mentors

Past Peer Mentors 2014/2015

Left to Right: Professor Maria João Dodman, Interim Master; Alexandra Latter, 2014/2015 Peer Mentor; and Professor Monique Adriaen, College Academic Life Coordinator.

Past Peer Mentors 2014/2015 receiving Certificates of Recognition from the Founders College

Left to Right: 2014/2015 Peer Mentors Cassandra Fezzuoglio, Paul Zhang, Cormac Linehan, Milan Michael Cimbur and Jeannine Farmer receiving Certificates of Recognition from the Founders College Master's Office for their contributions towards our Peer Mentorship Program.