Peer Academic Leaders' Program

Welcome to Founders College Peer Academic Leaders' Program (P.A.L.)

Founders College Peer Academic Leaders' Program seeks to connect high-achieving, upper-year students with other Founders College students, primarily, though not exclusively, incoming first-year students in both the Fall and Winter semesters. Mentors are paired with Founders affiliated students in order to facilitate accurate and program specific advice and assistance throughout the year. Many students require support when beginning their academic career, and the peer mentor network helps provide that through reliable and knowledgeable upper year mentors.

Mentors and Mentees. Plato, Aristotle and Socrates are among the most well-known Philosophers of Ancient Greece but did you know that they are all connected through mentorship? Socrates was the mentor to Plato who eventually became the mentor of Aristotle who would then go on to become the mentor to Alexander the Great.

The Peer Academic Leaders' Program ultimately aims to enhance the student learning experience, foster engagement in Founders intellectual and social community, and support a successful transition into university for entry-level students.

P.A.L's provide students with necessary information, personal support and connections, and opportunities to attend social events. The wisdom offered by successful upper-year students is invaluable towards helping other students, but especially new students, create effective and positive academic skillsets that are necessary to achieve their personal goals and succeed in their individual degrees.

Students interested in becoming a Peer Academic Leader are asked to apply by completing our application form.


Founders Peer Academic Leaders' Program is comprised of four integrated components:

Drop-In Office Hours

Central P.A.R.C. (102 Founders) is not only the home of the College's Peer Academic Leaders' Program, it is also the place where P.A.L's hold their office hours.  From Monday to Friday, beginning in September to running until April, P.A.L's will be available to assist students during their office hours.  No appointments are required; simply drop by to see a P.A.L's for help.

Mentor to Mentee Partnership

Students seeking more in depth support can request to be partnered with a P.A.L. for ongoing support throughout the Academic Term.  P.A.L.'s can meet with students on campus to provide assistance catered to a students needs.

Students wishing to be partnered with a P.A.L are asked to complete our Peer Academic Leaders' Program Enrollment Form.

Online Message Board

We understand that oftentimes, students' commitments outside the classroom, can leave them with very little free time to meet with a Mentor.  We are pleased to announce, therefore, that we have also  created a Founders Peer Leaders' Facebook page.

Have a question or need some advice?  Simply post your question to the group and one of our P.A.L's will reply within 24 hours.

If you don't have Facebook or if your question is confidential in nature, you can email us at  Rest assured that only Founders College office staff and our P.A.L Coordinator will see your question and will be able to direct you.

Academic Workshops & Study Groups

Throughout the year, the Office of the College Head and our P.A.L's will organize a number of academic workshops, information sessions and study sessions to help students at every phase of their post-secondary studies.

Some events and workshops planned for 2018/2019 include:

  • Decoding the Language of Assignments Across Disciplinary Fields
  • What is Pre-Writing and Why is it so Important in the Writing Process
  • Financial Literacy Workshop
  • Time Management Workshop
  • A Guide to a Healthier You: Nutrition and Healthy Eating Seminar
  • Business Dinner Etiquette Workshop
  • Planning for Career Success
  • Pursuing an MBA at Schulich
  • Interview Skills Workshop
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Exam and Test Preparation Workshop
  • Applying to Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Applying to Graduate Studies at York
  • Applying to the Faculty of Education
  • Entering the Job Market:  A Guide to Summer and Permanent Employment
  • Study Abroad Information Session
  • Meet Your Major Alumni Panel

All events will be announced via email, the Founders College Facebook Page and posters.