Affiliated Student Clubs Portal

Welcome to Founders College.

An integral part of Founders Community are its affiliated student clubs.  The College's student clubs reflect the diversity and dynamic nature of our students and affiliated programs and help to embody the College's theme of "Self, Culture & Society".

By becoming a Founders College affiliated student club, your club will  be able to contribute to the fabric of our diverse community.


Benefits of Affiliating Your Club with Founders

Founders College will provide support for your events.

  • The Office of the College Head can cover the costs for Service Requests, Audio/Visual equipment and / or catering for one event per Academic Year.  All requests will be reviewed individually with particular emphasis placed on events that support and enhance the Founders community.

To request support click here.

Founders College will help promote your events.

  • Whether cosponsored by the Office of the College Head or not, events held by our affiliated student clubs will be promoted on the College’s homepage, email list-serves (to 5,000 students) and social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Your student organization can apply for office space at Founders.

  • There are a limited number of offices that the College has set aside for student organizations. Organizations affiliated with Founders will have their applications for office space evaluated prior to other organizations.  UPDATE:  All three (3) office spaces have been renewed with the current occupants for the 2020/2021 Academic Year and are not available.

Hold your meetings at Founders.

  • Student organizations affiliated with Founders will have exclusive access to hold meetings in the Brian Cragg Room (303 Founders).
To book the Brian Cragg Room for meetings, please email


Affiliated Student Organization Responsibilities

Being a part of any community carries with it opportunities and responsibilities.  Founders College prides itself on the community of students, faculty and staff that make our College what it is today.  To be a member of this community is to play an active and contributory role within it.

As a Founders College affiliated student club, you are expected to contribute to the fabric of the College by participating in the following initiatives / events:

  1. Academic Orientation (September) and/or Founders Day (October) Tabling 
  2. Write an article for The Phoenix Newsletter .
  3. Host a Fit @ Founders session.

Student Clubs affiliated with Founders AND with office space at the College are expected to hold at least two events per academic term (Fall & Winter) at Founders.

There will also be opportunities for affiliated student organizations to participate in conferences and community outreach initiatives (including high school visits).

Volunteer for Social Orientation and Academic Orientation.

Social Orientation and Academic Orientation are among the most important events organized by the College.

  • Members of affiliated student organizations who are available and able to are encouraged to participate as Frosh Leaders during Social Orientation Week and/ or as volunteers during Academic Orientation