Booking Procedures

Founders College Space Booking Procedures

This page has been created to provide information to Registered Student Organizations and University Employees seeking to book Founders College Space.

External Organizations are requested to contact Accommodation & Conference Services (416-736-2100 ext. 20325 or directly for any booking inquiries.

Founders College Spaces
There are three types of space classifications within Founders College: Academic Teaching Space (Classrooms); Student Council Space (FCSC Offices, the Lounge and the F.U.S.E.); and College Space (Assembly Hall, Common Rooms, etc.)

Academic Teaching Space
Academic Teaching Space is controlled by the Registrar’s Office. University Departments and Employee Groups seeking to book these spaces can request them by completing the Classroom Online AdHoc Booking Request Form. 

Recognized Student Organizations seeking to book Academic Teaching Space at Founders College can request them by completing the YU Connect Event Form.

Founders College Student Council Space
The Lounge (FC 004) and the F.U.S.E. are operated by Founders College Student Council, all requests to book these rooms should be directed to Founders College Student Council.

College Space
The Founders Dining Room (FC 015A), Founders Assembly Hall (FC 152), the Brian Cragg Room (FC 303)and the Senior Common Room (FC 305) are spaces that can be booked through the Office of the College Head by University Departments, Employee Groups and Recognized Student Organizations for events.

Room Capacity Built-In Technology

(i.e. Computer, LCD Projector, etc.)

Founders Dining Room (FC 015A) Seating for 40 None (Order through CEO)
Founders Assembly Hall (FC 152) Up to 250 None (Order through CEO)
Senior Common Room (FC 305) Seating for up to 60 None (Order through CEO)
Brian Cragg Room (FC 303) Seating for up to 30 Computer, projector and screen

The Arthur Haberman Room (FC 023), Junior Common Room (FC 024E) and Community Lounge (FC 218) cannot be booked for events.

Room Set-Up
University Departments, Employee Associations and Recognized Student Organizations are required to provide the Office of the College Head ( with a copy of the Service Request for room set-up prior to and clean-up after any events held in the Founders Dining Room (FC 015A), Founders Assembly Hall (FC 152) or the Senior Common Room (FC 305).  Without a Service Request, use of the room will be denied. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How to book College Space
Step 1: Email Erica Alusio, College Programs Assistant, the following information:

  • Room(s) you are requesting
  • Date(s) of the event
  • Start time and end time of the event
  • Event Name
  • Brief Event Description
  • Approximate number of participants
  • Will there be any food or alcohol served?
  • The name and cell number of at least one event organizer.

Step 2: Erica will check on the availability of the rooms requested and reply to your email.  The information provided will help our office determine whether a Temporary Use of University Space Application is required for your event.

Included in this email will be instructions on how to sign out and return the keys for the room to the Office of the College Head, along with links to placing a Service Request and Classroom Equipment Order.

Step 3: When signing out the room keys be sure to bring a copy (electronic or hardcopy) of your TUUS Authorization/Permit to the Office of the College Head (216 Founders) for verification.