Founders' Spaces

Assembly Hall

Complex 1, the Founders Assembly Hall

Located at the heart of Complex 1, the Founders Assembly Hall is the number one location at York for events of all types, including: dance competitions, international conferences, cultural events, our annual College book sale and much more.   Bookable by all University Departments and by all Student Organizations recognized by the Student Success Centre, the Assembly remains a focal point of Founders’ and York’s academic, social and cultural endevours.

We look forward to seeing you at our next winning event!

Community Lounge

218 Founders College

Need a quiet place to grab a coffee, read or just collect your thoughts? Visit the Community Lounge located right by the  Office of the College Head!

The Lounge

004 Founders College
Courtyard Level

If you are looking for a room to chill, play ping pong, video games, or to hang out with your friends, you cannot do better than The Lounge. Operated by Founders College Student Council, The Lounge is the social heart of the College.

Note:  Please contact Founders College Student Council for information on room hours.

Complex 1 Computer Lounge

034 Founders College
Courtyard Level

Housed at Founders but operated by the Office of the Vice-President Students, the Complex 1 Computer Lounge has numerous workstations available and printers.

If you have any questions about the computer lounge, email:

Hours:  Please see schedule posted outside of room door.

Founders Quad

Between Founders College & Residence

Enjoy a peaceful setting between classes at the most beautiful outdoor space at Founders!

Founders Field

founders field

This beautiful green space is located north of Founders Residence. Lined with beautiful trees, this space is perfect for sports and picnics!

To book Founders Field for events, please visit the Office of Temporary Use of University Space website.