The Phoenix Newsletter

Issues The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 8 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol. 1 Issue 7(PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 6 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 5 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 4 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 3 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 2 (PDF) The Phoenix Vol 1 Issue 1 […]

Really Useful Student Resources

Whether you are a resident or commuter, Founders College is your home away from home. The College is a community of students, professors and helpful staff. In Founders you will find: College Life Advising, Student Council, Central P.A.R.C. (Peer Assistance Resource Centre), Student Clubs, Intramural Athletics, Student Opportunities (paid and volunteer), Complex 1 Computer Lounge, […]

Affiliated Student Clubs Portal

Welcome to Founders College. An integral part of Founders Community are its affiliated student clubs.  The College's student clubs reflect the diversity and dynamic nature of our students and affiliated programs and help to embody the College's theme of "Self, Culture & Society". By becoming a Founders College affiliated student club, your club will  be […]


Founders College Academic Orientation - Part of York Orientation Da 2016 We encourage you to participate in YU START and York Orientation Day which includes your Founders College Academic Orientation on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. [read more...]