Social Orientation

Meet Your New Classmates and Make New Friends at Social Orientation!

Planned especially for incoming students, Social Orientation Week (Frosh Week) is full of opportunities for first year students to meet new people and create lasting friendships; a week full of good times, good people and good fun!

Organized by Founders College Student Council, Frosh Week is your opportunity to get involved, meet new friends, and become part of the Founders community.  So don't miss out!

SIGN UP NOW by Choosing any of the Following Packages!

1. The FREE FROSH REGISTRATION Pack which includes: 2 exclusive prize raffle tickets, and 2 raffle tickets.

2. The Time Travel Advanced Frosh Pack is $ 5.00 and includes a Lanyard, bandana, 4 exclusive prize raffle ticket, and 6 raffle tickets.

3. Fast Forward Frosh Pack which is $45.00 and includes a Frosh Shirt, Lanyard, bandana, 9 exclusive prize raffle ticket, 15 raffle tickets.

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For more information on Orientation Week including where to buy your Frosh Kit and schedule please visit:

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Phone: 416-736-2100 x22208
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