Layla Samel

Peer Mentor
Layla Samel
Office Hours: Fridays from 11:00am to 1:00pm
Communication Studies
Current Year of Study: 3

Hi, my name is Layla. I’m a third year Communication Studies major and am hoping to pursue a minor in Information & Technology. I am extremely interested in the opportunities available within digital media specifically and have looked into both graphic designing and journalism as possible pathways that I want to explore in the future. As a Peer Academic Leader, I hope to help my fellow peers explore all the different opportunities that are available to them at York. Looking back at my last two years at York, there were some situations where I felt that I needed guidance and I hope to be that mentor that can help future students navigate their way during their journey as a university student. A few fun facts about me: I am an international student from Mumbai and have also lived in Dubai and I am conversationally fluent in 3 languages (English not included). Lastly, I look forward to positively contributes towards your life at university as a P.A.L.

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