Women in STEM

Women in STEM - A Panel Discussion: Through the Lens of Women in Science & Technology

This panel aims to engage students into thinking about women in the sciences and technology sectors by looking at three different phases:
·       What can draw more women into these fields of study?
·       Why are women under-represented in these fields both in their studies and in the workforce?
·       In light of the challenges that women face both in the study of these fields and in the workforce, we would like to recognize the success that women in these fields have achieved.

The panel:
Marina G. Erechtchoukova, Associate Professor, Information Technology,
York University (Moderator)

Eshta Bhardwaj, ITEC, ungraduated student and MAIST applicant

Helen Gerschkow, ITEC, undergraduate student

Christianne Huber, MAIST, graduate student

Rui Lin, MAIST, graduate student

Gina Faraj Rabbah, Applied Mathematics, undergraduate student

Krystaleah Ramkissoon, ITEC, undergraduate student

Ashley Shalmoni, Ph.D. Student, Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies

Yohana Solomon, Mathematics, graduate student

Zeynep Tuck, Alumna, Communication Studies

Refreshments will be served

305 Founders is located on the third floor. There is is an elevator. Founders College is labelled as building #50 on the campus map: https://maps.info.yorku.ca/files/2013/02/KEELE_Map_Colour.pdf